Mahjong Alchemy

About the game

Originally Mahjong belonged to China. People from every corner of China used to play this game with great devotion and enthusiasm until the 18th century. Then with the time and globalization, the game went viral throughout the work. The original four-player game was being played either solo or with some more players. Not only these several rules if the original games were modified. Even the primarily used ivory mahjong tiles were transformed into other materials since the ivory got banned. This game which was originally played in China got fame in the whole world because of the logic, strategy, and patience required. But now not in the real world, this game has got a lot of fame and ratings in the online world as well. Now many of the variations of this game have evolved and been played with great fun and devotions. One of the variations of this game is the Mahjong Alchemy is also known as the Mahjong: Age of Alchemy.

Playing Mahjong Alchemy online

With the evolution of several online games, the different mahjong games also went viral on the internet. One of those variations is the mahjong alchemy which has the same goal as the other mahjong games. The basic gameplay is all about matching the two identical tiles in the various towers which are built up in this game and remove all the mahjong tiles from it. Playing mahjong alchemy is very important for the people to develop their logical and reasoning ability. Not only this, but it is also the best solitaire game for enjoying your leisure time. This puzzle game is designed to eliminate all the similar tiles present in the towers; this is why it is also known as the Mahjong tower. It is the best gameplay to increase your Mahjong skills.

Brief description of rules of the game

The rules of the mahjong alchemy are really simple and can be understood easily. In mahjong alchemy, the major aim of the player is to remove the tower of the tiles by clicking in the similar ones. Remember you cannot select the tiles which are blocked from either side, you are only allowed to select the too many tiles. Never forget the fact that you are only allowed to select the tiles which have free space in the left and right side. As you know it is obviously not possible to remove a covered tile so do not try to waste your time in doing that as you have to consider the time limit as well. The rules of the game are really easy and even so lengthy to mug up. The tiles included in the game consist of the ancient symbols. You just have to click on the identical symbol one by one and they will be removed automatically from the tower and once all the tiles are removed the level is completed. 

Interface of the games

The other variations of the mahjong have quite tough gameplay and techniques. But the gameplay and the interface of this mahjong alchemy is designed to eliminate all the difficult techniques from the gameplay. The graphical interface and even the use of towers depict how generically this game has been designed to let the player play comfortably without getting bored of the gameplay. The total time provided to you is 15 minutes in which you have to clear up all the towers and grab a high score. The amazing tiles and the tower's graphics enhance the game with a timer running in the right top corner and a scoreboard just beside it. The symbols used in the tiles look really cool as being some ancient symbols. Thus the overall appearance or the interface of the game is totally user friendly.

How to play Mahjong Alchemy?

To lead in the game of mahjong alchemy match all the tiles as a master alchemist. All you have to di is just to find out the matching symbols fit the gold, crystal, water, and other elements. You have to make all these tiles and remove them from the timer before the time is up. You get a full time of 15 minutes to clear all the towers. You just have to click the two tiles with the same symbols on them and doing so will remove them from the tower and you will be awarded the points as per the tile's elemental value. You have to choose the free tiles which are not covered up by other tiles and moreover should also have open edges on the both left and right sides. So you just have to keep this point in mind while playing the game because this saves you from spending your time doing so. You also have an option to reshuffle the tiles if you get stuck in the middle of the game, all you have to do is to click the deal new tile set button in the menu section.


So this best and free online mahjong solitaire game has an excellent gameplay with the best user friendly and graphical interface. Mahjong Alchemy gives you a feeling of being a teal at hem and playing the game with more fun. The game has easy rules as compared to other several variations of mahjong. But still, the game requires a high level of logical and reasoning skills. You don't have to invite four friends to play this game as you can play it alone. You also do not have to consider the several rules as those in the real mahjong game. You just have to find the similar tiles having the same symbols and match them up to elope them from the tower and repeat it till the board gets empty and you will be promoted to the next level. So to check your basic logic and reasoning skills you must have to once play this game and try to clear all the mahjong tiles.