Classic Mahjong

Classic Mahjong is simply an online version of the famous Chinese game Mahjong or you can also say the twisted version of old classic mahjong solitaire which can be played also. You don't need to bother much about gameplay, rules and moves because each and everything you require is discussed below.

What is the real Mahjong?

Mahjong is a tile-based game originated from China but now is known worldwide because of its popularity. This game has main gameplay to be played in between four players but still, a three-player based gameplay is available in many of the other countries who have adopted it. This game has been introduced in the online entertainment platform as well. This game is majorly a skill game that requires quite a good strategy and calculation and also somewhat carries the value of chance. The game is played with a set of 144 tiles which itself are based on Chinese characters and symbols. There are several variations available of this game which might either opt some unique tiles or they opt to omit some of them. This game has several variations each with a different gameplay. The gameplay of maximum variations includes players starting after getting the 13 tiles. Now next the layers draw and discard tiles until they complete the legal hand using the 14th drawn tile to form the set. There are standard sets of rules on how a piece is drawn and robbed, the use of simple and honors, the kind of melds allowed along with how to deal with the tile as well the order play.

Mahjong Classic

Since you might know that Mahjong is a Chinese board game but due to its fame and popularity it has now been created in your web browser as well. This game is basically a twist on an old classic Mahjong solitaire. You can perfectly check your logic and matching skills in the Mahjong classic on the virtual board of your phone. This one of the most favorite and famous board games can be played for hours to get fun. This classic game is as simple as the original board games with some restricted news. The main logic of the game is really simple, you just have to match the pairs of the same tiles in order to remove all the tiles from the playing field. Mahjong games require skill and logic to remove the tiles from top to bottom. The game is about removing these tiles as quickly as possible to note down your quickest possible time.


First talking about the background and graphic appearance of this game, the game background looks fantastic and the time also looks authentic. Even the game mechanics are simple and easy to master. If you are mistakenly stuck somewhere in the game then do not worry you can get the option of getting a hint over there. You can also undo the last move of yours if you have any confusion regarding the move. Overall you have to mainly master 144 tiles which are spread over 5 different layers. This is not as easy as it sounds to be. So basically the game starts with each player having 13 tiles in each which are assigned with a wind each. The game is started by the East by picking a tile from the wall. Then the other players get the turn to pick a tile from the wall and discard one on the hand. The player should have 13 tiles in must until the Mahjong is declared with 14 tiles.

Basic Rules of the gameplay:

The different variations like the Mahjong solitaire or even the other have different rules for the gameplay. But still, the basic rules of claiming tiles are discussed over here.

  • A player can claim a discarded tile from the previous player to declare a chow.
  • A player can claim a discarded tile from any of the players to declare kong or pong.
  • A player can also claim the discarded tile from any player to declare a Mahjong.
  • If in the case several players have intended to claim the same tile then the priority order goes like: Mahjong, Kong, Pong, chow

Here the rules are stated for the team to play Mahjong but the classic mahjong solitaire game includes some additional features such as your main goal is to remove the tiles by matching similar pairs of tiles. But still, you can only match a free tile, and such are those tiles which do not have any tile move. Basically, you can slide the tiles to the side or top without any blockage. You complete the game once you have matched every tile on that virtual board.


The main features of this amazing game are:

  • This is a classic Mahjong game to play.
  • You can find 144 tiles in 5 different layers.
  • The graphics or say the background of the game is awesome with a green bamboo image.
  • You can also redo your moves and also can use the hints if stuck in tougher levels.
  • You can either play the game with some opponents or alone in the single-player gameplay.
  • It also allows the users to custom change the background.


Thus, the classic Mahjong is the best option to play the famous Mahjong game tight on your phone, tablet, or PC. You can find several Mahjong versions online such as Mahjong solitaire which is a single-player gameplay. Mahjong has the basic rules the same everywhere by still some additional Mahjong games. The rules are different also because of the different number of players in the option. You must first go to the basic details of the gameplay as well as the rules which might differ from the types of gameplay you choose. So, make your brain work out and find some great skills to deal up with the tiles of Mahjong.