DTH system is very popular these days and it overtook the local cable connection. DTH is short for Direct-To-Home television. It erases the requirement of an intermediate local cable operator. It enables quality picture viewing and price is pretty economic too. Under DTH system, a dish is kept in every individual house through which the signal is directly transmitted through satellites. DTH network consists of a broadcasting centre, satellites, encoders, modulators etc. By eliminating the local cable operator, the broadcasting comes to touch directly with the end-user. Set-top boxes act as the decoders. The dish antenna acts as a receiver of signals. The DTH business took a hit in the past decade which is why there is a lot of competition among DTH providers. Everything is going online these days, including shopping. Online shopping has become very much in style. These DTH televisions can also be recharged online. Following is a list of top 5 best DTH providers in India.

Dish TV

Dish TV was the first ever DTH service in India. It is also the largest DTH television operator. The technology used by Dish TV includes MPEG4 DVB S2 and MPEG 2 digital compression technology. It was started in 2003 and has also been voted as India’s most trusted DTH brand according to the Brand Test Report 2014. It is very cost efficient and is one of India’s biggest corporations. HD channels are available at a cheap price. Dish TV has about 15.1 million subscribers till date.

Sun Direct

Sun Direct is a joint venture that was started between Sun Network and the Astro Group. It was started in 2007, with headquarters in Chennai. It transmits digital signals to individual households. The HD channels that Sun Direct DTH provides is something that every one of us would desire for. Not just channels like Discovery is provided in HD, but even regional channels including Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi etc are offered in HD.


Tata Sky was started in 2004, with its headquarters in Mumbai. It was started as a joint venture between the Tata group and 21st Century Fox. It currently provides about 415 SD channels and 74 HD channels along with multiple other services. Tata Sky also has a record of providing the best customer service among its competitors. The DVR is of an economic rate. You can also check Tata Sky offers online, with which you can get discounts on your packages.


Reliance Digital- DTH had begun as a subsidiary of Reliance communications in August 2008. It acquired about 1 million subscribers within 90 days. This is an achievement like none of the DTHs before. It was also the first DTH in India that telecasted the FIFA WC 2014 live, in 4K UHD. It offers a lot of HD channels at a cheap price.


Airtel is one of the best DTH operators in terms of picture quality, price and HD channels. You can also record TV shows and watch them later on. It was founded in 2008, with its headquarters in Mumbai. It has a total subscription of about 10 million.

Choose the DTH you want according to features of your choice.