The world of online internet is as dangerous as it can be beneficial—it depends on what route you’re taking. There are so many ways you can profit from the internet it’s actually boggling. People participate in online contests, blogs, become you tubers, use Facebook groups and pages as a way of making money, they do freelancing and then they opt for matched betting as well. It’s all free money with a little bit of effort.

Gamblers who put bets and get engrossed in the matched betting world need to be careful lest their bad luck drives them down six feet underground, so that’s why here are some secrets to become a professional gambler and earn enough to make things easier for you.

Email Address

If you give away your personal email address then it’s possible that you’ll be slammed by so many spam emails that’ll make it difficult for you to operate your email address anymore. Always make a new email address for matched betting. It’s safe as well as reliable.

Phone Number

Just like with the email addresses, giving away your in-use and personal phone number can be a privacy risk and the spam calls will make it so difficult for you to use the device anymore. Since you can’t turn the phone on silent either, it’s better if you get a new SIM-card for matched betting purposes.

Separate Bank Account

Typically, people do not look upon ‘gambling’ transactions with a good eye. It won’t be favorable in your favor, no pun intended. You should open up a separate account for these types of transactions for bookmakers acquire for you to pay through a card to acclaim their welcome offers.


Use betfair or skrill because these two payment options are reliable and well-spoken off, so you’re safe with your money and personal information. Don’t use PayPal because they forbid gambling transactions and will close your account. Skrill and Betfair are not much of a hassle, making them preferable.

Put An Amount Aside

Many sites will only require for you to have about 50$ dollars (depends on your currency) in your account but it’s preferable if you have 100$ to 200$ aside in case of any good offers, emergencies or almost anything. This basically solves the liquidity issues and when high end bets’ stakes rise, you’re prepared for it.


Match the liability figure in Betfair with the one you’ve calculated and this step is a must.


Make sure you have enough cash in Betfair or any other option you’re using for future lay bets.


You need to be wholly devoted to the task at hand you need to keep track of everything that’s happening. You can’t afford distractions that can make you lose it all— which is definitely not what you want.

Double D

Double check everything, maybe if you are missing a clause or step—you need to make sure it’s covered. That way it’s safe and hassle-free.