The presence of a professional and fully trained security guard can have myriad benefits for businesses of all kinds. Here are some signs that your business could be one of them.

You have a high number of visitors to site. A high volume of people traffic through your doors can be a security concern as well as a safety concern in the event of fire, for example. A security guard can monitor presence of both visitors and employees to ensure an accurate record thereby increasing both safety and security.

You employ a large number of people. You want to keep your doors locked through the day to ensure the safety and security of your staff and clients, but it’s impractical, not to mention self-defeating, to give everyone a key. Hiring a security guard ensures that everyone is able to access the building at all times without compromising security.

Your employees work shifts or flexible hours. In an increasing culture of long working hours, it is not unusual for workers to be at the office at all hours of the night and day. Small numbers of people in the building late at night can lead to a variety of concerns for those in charge. Such concerns can be reduced by a security guard patrolling the premises, monitoring those coming in and out and generally checking on the safety and wellbeing of the staff.

Your facility is in a high crime area. Crimes such as arson or theft can devastate a business and even incidents of minor vandalism can cause major inconvenience. Standard burglar alarms are small deterrent for criminals these days but a physical presence of a professional security guard can make a significant difference; not only acting as a deterrent but as an active force for preventing crime against your business. Such a presence can reduce insurance premiums, which are likely to be higher in high crime areas.

You keep high value items or sensitive information on your premises. Theft of high value items, corporate espionage and ID theft are a significant risk for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, the black market pays highly for all three and so the threat of becoming a victim of any or all of these crimes remains high. If you store high value items or hard copies of client information, sensitive documents or other similar items on your premises, a security guard can support you to keep them safe.

You have safety concerns regarding either your staff or premises. If your car park is badly lit or you have concerns about lone workers leaving the building at night a security guard can help to keep them safe. Maintenance of large premises is not always a top-priority task, a fully trained security guard will not only monitor your premises for dubious activity but also for potential threats to security, such as a broken window or a faulty door handle.

You require assistance in emergency situations. Fire, medical emergencies or sudden violence in the workplace can happen at any time in any workplace, more so if your premises provide an environment with elevated risk factors, such as somewhere serving alcohol or working with toxic chemicals. Few people know exactly what to do in such situations. Fully trained security personnel should have the experience and expertise to handle a variety of emergency situations that may arise. So even if the worst happens, you have a cool head and a steady voice to guide you through it.

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