Tips for Building your Dog a House There are a few things that one should put into consideration when they are purchasing a dog house. It is imperative that one considers the safety and comfort of their dog when looking for the right size of the doghouse they are building them. Measuring the dog is the only way that one can come up with the perfect size for a doghouse. The size of one’s dog will come in handy when one is getting a doghouse that is either small, large, medium or extra-large. The doghouse that one gets for their doghouse should be big enough to allow room for the dog to turn around without it facing any difficulty. Going for an extra inch with the width and length as well will help to enhance the comfort of your dog. The door to the doghouse should be large enough for the dog to enter it without having to crouch. There are a few principles that one has to bear in mind when building their dog a house as it isn’t that complicated a process. It is important for one to build the floor just some distance above the ground. In doing so, any water from the rain is prevented from getting in. A raised floor surface will also help to isolate the floor from a cold ground especially during the winter season. It is important for a dog owner to take into account the habits of their dog. It is a common habit for some dogs to sit on top of their houses. One should therefore avoid putting any roll roofing or roof shingles at the top of the house as they get really hot during the summer. This might end up burning the dog once it gets on top of the doghouse. Due to this reason, exterior plywood panels are the most suitable roofing material.
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If at all your dog is small in size, one should definitely build it a small house. The body heat of a dog is what warms up its house especially during the cold or winter season. In order for your dog to be comfortable while lying down, one should put a bed of straw on the floor. Selecting a doghouse design that has an overhang will help to keep the interior of the house dry during the wet season.
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Building a doghouse is a do it yourself job for those who want to develop their woodwork skills and save on their money as well. If at all one can’t do the job themselves, they can simply go online and get the doghouse plans and give them to their contractor. It is imperative for one to get a good doghouse for their dog to be comfortable at all times.