CIF Number is actually a unique number which contains all your bank details. The full form of CIF Number is Customer Information File Number. This is a computerized number which contains not just your bank details but also the personal details that you have provided to the bank.

CIF Number

Actually, this number makes it quite easier for the bank to check your accounts. And not just that the bank can even see your account credit relations, account and transactions made by you.

What is the use of CIF Number?

The CIF number is quite unique and one person can have only one CIF number. Before there were several CIF’s for one person. Now according to the rules of RBI, one person can have multiple accounts but just one CIF.

Different Banks has different formats of CIF numbers. For instance, SBI has an 11-digit long CIF number, whereas Axis bank has a 4-digit CIF number and HDFC has an 8-digit long CIF Number. Central Bank of India has a 10-digit long CIF Number.

The main use of having a CIF number is that it serves as a root. By root I meant that whatever you do with your account/accounts is mapped in this number. If the bank needed to find any details about your account they just have to check out this number.

How to Know your CIF Number?

To know your CIF number is not that of a great deal. Well, you just need to check it out with the bank you have account in to know about the details. But for your convenience I will be providing a list by following which you can know about your CID number. Check it out down below.

  • First process is that you can ask for your CIF number while having your pass book printed. But as there are Passbook update machines available nowadays, people rarely go to banks for this purpose. If you do go, then ask for the number.
  • Second process is that if you get a Fixed Deposit receipt, then you can check out the right side of the place where your name has been mentioned. The CIF Number will be provided there.
  • If you have a SBI account, then all you need to do is check out the first page of your Passbook. The CIF Number will be mentioned just above your account number.

The CIF Number can also be seen on the summary page of the Internet Banking Details. All that you need to do is click on the “View Nomination and PAN Details”, with that the number will be displayed accordingly. There are also toll free numbers of SBI that you can call to receive this number.

You just need to answer a few question of the person on the other end and you can get the number directly from him.

  • If you have an account with the Central Bank of India, then the CIF Number will be provided on the home screen of your Internet Banking home screen.
  • Apart from all these the CIF Number is sometimes available on the first page of your Check Book.

Well, these are some of the ways in which you can know about your CIF Number. But I will recommend that you keep your CIF Number a secret as this is a vital piece of information about you.