Best Qualities for an eCommerce Shopping Cart to Have

There are a lot of shopping carts available online. Some of them are confusing while others force users to go through useless steps whenever they want to add a new product. Here are essential features a shopping cart should have.

Usability and Visibility

A shopping cart should be simple to use. It should allow the users to see what is inside whenever they browse the e-commerce website. You can use an ecommerce shopping cart software to add a small popup that tells the customer when an item is added. The software can also place the cart at the top of the website to enhance its visibility.


A good shopping cart should look like a mall or a store. It must have catchy photos of the items selected. It should remind customers who love cart ecommerce shopping of what they have purchased to avoid buying the same product repeatedly.

Great shipping options

Customers should have a variety of shipping options once they hit the cart, says Secure Net Shop. A good cart should have both overnight and daytime shipping.

Big and catchy buttons

Those who specialize in shopping cart services should come up with something that is easy to spot. Most customers are impatient and will most likely abandon your site if they take more than five seconds looking for a shopping cart link. Come up with big and catchy buttons to create a great shopping experience.

Clear price bars

The shopping cart should allow add-ons that display all the extra charges associated with the sale. Customers who are informed of hidden charges are more willing to go ahead with the sale than those who discover them later.


Usually when we go through the pages of a landscaping glossy, we see a lot of features with country houses, and extensive land area. We also see a lot many landscaping elements such as pergolas, exotic trees, precise cut lawn (it was mowed regularly with a lawn mower), bridges over small water bodies and numerous other features. Usually, people living in urban areas believe that since they do not have land as large as in the country houses, they may not be able to create anything in their own front and back yards. But, this is just a misnomer. The good news is that no matter what the size of your garden, big or small, you can use landscaping to give it a completely new look, a completely different identity!

The recipe for the perfect landscaping – looking beyond size of land

Size is a state of mind. For many of us staying in urban localities, the ultimate dream is to own a country house with huge and beautifully manicured lands with tall trees providing the perfect retreat from a noisy and chaotic world. Nevertheless, there is no need to be disappointed just because you have a small garden space. Just begin by thinking at a smaller scale and realize that you can achieve results in small ways. A good example is that if you want to plant trees in your garden, it would be silly to plant large trees. Yet, you can plant trees with small or medium heights. Small sized trees are a perfect accessory to a small garden and make for an excellent landscaping element.

Another effective way for landscaping of small gardens is to use small sized trees on either side of your door or driveway. You can also add some rustic touch to this … Continue Reading

Top 5 Best DTH providers in India

DTH system is very popular these days and it overtook the local cable connection. DTH is short for Direct-To-Home television. It erases the requirement of an intermediate local cable operator. It enables quality picture viewing and price is pretty economic too. Under DTH system, a dish is kept in every individual house through which the signal is directly transmitted through satellites. DTH network consists of a broadcasting centre, satellites, encoders, modulators etc. By eliminating the local cable operator, the broadcasting comes to touch directly with the end-user. Set-top boxes act as the decoders. The dish antenna acts as a receiver of signals. The DTH business took a hit in the past decade which is why there is a lot of competition among DTH providers. Everything is going online these days, including shopping. Online shopping has become very much in style. These DTH televisions can also be recharged online. Following is a list of top 5 best DTH providers in India.

Dish TV

Dish TV was the first ever DTH service in India. It is also the largest DTH television operator. The technology used by Dish TV includes MPEG4 DVB S2 and MPEG 2 digital compression technology. It was started in 2003 and has also been voted as India’s most trusted DTH brand according to the Brand Test Report 2014. It is very cost efficient and is one of India’s biggest corporations. HD channels are available at a cheap price. Dish TV has about 15.1 million subscribers till date.

Sun Direct

Sun Direct is a joint venture that was started between Sun Network and the Astro Group. It was started in 2007, with headquarters in Chennai. It transmits digital signals to individual households. The HD channels that Sun Direct DTH provides is something that every one of us would desire for. … Continue Reading

Top 5 MBA Colleges In North India

MBA(Masters of Business and Administration ), as all of us knows, is a two years post graduation qualification degree for business and administration studies. A person can do MBA after completing his/her graduation. Selecting a Top college for MBA is really a subject of concern for those seeking admissions in MBA. Because college name itself plays a very important role in career and future of the student. The Institute(of course the student as well) is responsible for the placement and job of  the student. Therefore it is an important decision for selecting the suitable Institution. Here I am providing a list of top colleges for MBA  in north India.  Check the article out, if you are looking for the same.

1. IIM Lucknow

Indian institute of management, Lucknow is a public business school located in Lucknow, UP, India. This institute was established in 1984 as 4th Indian institute of management by the government of India. The “institution of excellence”, as the name given by ministry of human resources and development to IIM Lucknow. The institute is really best for management education. The institute is teaching and making lives of millions directly or indirectly.

2. FMS Delhi

Faculty of management studies was established in 1954 under university of Delhi in the capital of nation. This institute is one of the top business schools of North India and the fee structure of this business school is one of the lowest among top management institutions. FMS offers both the full time and part time MBA programs. Business today magazine has given it a ranking in top 10 MBA colleges of India.

3. MDI Gurgaon

Management development institute is another top MBA college established in 1973 in Gurgaon i.e. In national capital region.  This institute also offers excellent job oriented management programs. MDI is … Continue Reading

The Challenges Encountered by Women Entrepreneurs and Their Solutions

Male leaders dominate traditional business setup; however, this was changedin cities like Calgary as years go by. Women usually encounter challenges that are not usually shared by men though more of them become entrepreneurs.

Here are some of these obstacle women entrepreneurs encounter and their solutions:

Defying the Social Expectations of Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs tend to feel the significance of adopting a masculine attitude toward business operation by being aggressive, competitive and harsh at some point. Successful female executives believe that being true to and seeking for your voice are the fundamentals to rising to the preconceived expectations. You need not to conform to an idea of what a leader should be.

Limitation in Financial Support

Not all the startup founders are in search for investors to succeed in their business venture, but this can be true for those who know the difficulty of the pitching process. It is certain that increase in capital can be more difficult for Calgary firms owned by women entrepreneurs. Venture capital companies with female partners are likely to invest in startups run by women. Investors usually look for enterprises that can improve their value and they will be confident in those people. Having a good product market fit is necessary. Working out to engage investors in supporting each other is also a great measure to overcome such issue.

Recognition and Ownership of Accomplishments

Women tend to unintentionally downplay their worth due to the communal and consensus-building qualities they were encouraged during their childhood years. Women must identify the value of their creativity. Confidence serves as a key to business success even when at the realm full of men. Do not be discouraged from becoming a great corporate leader due to the scrutiny received.

Establishment of a Support Network

Insufficient available mentors and advisers … Continue Reading