What His Workout Music Says About Him

Your workout music is a significant ingredient that can help you level up your workout experience. It can help you with your workout pace, increase your endurance, and make your exercises stress-free as you get motivated to get into your groove and to be more energetic. Workout music can range from pop to rock and to disco or anything else according to your preferences and what you think best suits your workout routines.

It’s just like picking somebody to date. You will naturally pick the one that suits your taste and personality best. Surprisingly, workout music can also help you choose the perfect guy to date. It is not just a workout motivator but it can also tell you a little something about the man you are dating or want to date. So, let’s find out exactly what his workout music says about him.

What His Workout Music Says About Him


If the guy prefers pop music for workouts, he is probably more of a “One Direction” kind of guy. Guys like these may be a little immature or young at heart. He may be also into parties and happy-go-lucky stuff although this does not mean he cannot be serious. While he is working out, he may actually be making a music video in his mind.


Guys who love to workout to R&B and rap style music can be deemed completely romantic species. They are the type who can sweep you off your feet. However, be alert, as they can also be “ladies’ men” type and may consider wooing women to be a concert performance instead of an expression of real feelings.


If you happen to hear that the man you are dating listens to rock music when working out, you may assume that he prefers to hide his feelings … Continue Reading