There are a lot of shopping carts available online. Some of them are confusing while others force users to go through useless steps whenever they want to add a new product. Here are essential features a shopping cart should have.

Usability and Visibility

A shopping cart should be simple to use. It should allow the users to see what is inside whenever they browse the e-commerce website. You can use an ecommerce shopping cart software to add a small popup that tells the customer when an item is added. The software can also place the cart at the top of the website to enhance its visibility.


A good shopping cart should look like a mall or a store. It must have catchy photos of the items selected. It should remind customers who love cart ecommerce shopping of what they have purchased to avoid buying the same product repeatedly.

Great shipping options

Customers should have a variety of shipping options once they hit the cart, says Secure Net Shop. A good cart should have both overnight and daytime shipping.

Big and catchy buttons

Those who specialize in shopping cart services should come up with something that is easy to spot. Most customers are impatient and will most likely abandon your site if they take more than five seconds looking for a shopping cart link. Come up with big and catchy buttons to create a great shopping experience.

Clear price bars

The shopping cart should allow add-ons that display all the extra charges associated with the sale. Customers who are informed of hidden charges are more willing to go ahead with the sale than those who discover them later.