Dow AgroSciences Corporation has a great heritage in the discovery and progress of active ingredients applied in products of canola herbicides such as Lontrel, Navigator, Galera, Runway, Astrokerb, Gallant, Curb and Ielo. Taking into account as a revolutionary solution to end the blockage caused by broadleaf weeds, Arylex has become the most recent innovation the extensive catalog of herbicides Dow AgroSciences.

At the moment it is still in progress, however, Arylex for OSR will be available in different co-formulations that will provide European producers with fully effective, flexible and sensibly applied post-emergence herbicides to carry out treatments during the seasons Of autumn and spring. With the first product registrations in Europe scheduled for 2017, Arylex will provide OSR farmers with an extensive list of important benefits.

Precise herbal control

Arylex asset offers to farmers the ability to set aside existing pre-emergence / post-emergence bad herbal control strategies in order to lean towards a more sustainable practice based on the control of post- Emergency that only focuses on the bad herbs present during the application.

 Unmatched Flexibility

Thanks to its effectiveness in all times (including wet and cold conditions of autumn and spring) and in different soil conditions, Arylex presents a flexibility without any competition to achieve the application during a greater amount of time of spray, taking Always taking into account the needs of farmers and the actual presence of weeds.

 Greater control in common vegetables and risk for OSR control

Even in the midst of an adverse condition, Arylex provides unparalleled control and high-speed action over a broad spectrum of weeds, including Matricaria, Papaver, Galium, Geranium, Centaurea, Capsella and Descurania.

 Excellent safety profile

Another advantage of Arylex is that it has a truly positive toxicological and environmental profile while still offering highly favorable effectiveness in low dose applications.

According to Johann Bachmeier, Director of Territorial Marketing for Dow AgroSciences, there is a possibility that the first registrations made with Arylex for OSR in Europe will be in the summer of 2017. In addition, there is the complete assurance that Arylex will soon be a Fundamental element in the toolbox of each of the producers of OSR.

Arylex is now global

In the quest to give Arylex a global deployment, a truly significant new achievement has been achieved, as Quelex has been registered in the United States.

Quelex has Arylex as its main active ingredient, which will give US wheat growers a new solution to improve the advanced control of broadleaf weeds, including also resistant biotypes. Providing effective crop rotation flexibility and a wide range of application alternatives, Quelex gives growers the freedom to customize their weed management and control programs to achieve the greatest success.

Every day that passes the list of countries that join the use of Arylex is growing. After validating in Ireland, Denmark, the UK and Australia, France has decided to follow the suite with the presentation of Zypar and Pixxaro containing Arylex.

Already presented and validated in Israel, Asia, Australia, Canada and Mexico, the international framework will be completed when the first Arylex registration in Africa is achieved for 2018.

 Active principle of Arylex

Recently, about 400 delegates met at a meeting in Brussels for the annual regulation conference of the European Cultivation Protection Association. Thanks to the assistance of the 28 member states of the European Union, the event was able to provide the most important opportunity of the year to discuss the regulation of the herbicide industry.

Dow AgroSciences was once again in the spotlight as its most experienced speakers shared DAS’s contributions to efforts to register assets and products in the European Union.

The DAS presentations focused on product testing programs and on the impact and challenges of effectiveness requirements in harmonizing product evolution.

The Arylex asset registry was created to raise awareness of the need for joint work between the authorities and the applicants with the intention that the Union’s product approval system would be able to function effectively in 28 of the Union European Union.

Right now, Arylex is the holder of the fastest active substance record in the new regulatory framework of the European Union (Regulation 1107/2009 / EC). Likewise, products containing Arylex have been the only ones approved under this regulation.