The Functions and Services Offered by Software Developers and Web Integrators We are already living in the modern era, which is why more and more improved and new job or work opportunities, careers and professions have been produced, developed and introduced in the public wherein their main purpose and functions are with the use of the modern technologies and examples for that are the career as a web integrator and software developer. The individuals who works as a web integrator and a software developer has their own specific services and functions in their respective careers, like for example the web integrator functions as an individual who markets the products of both the software and hardware to clients and customers, while the software developer is the person who creates and develop new software products which are specifically requested by their clients and customers. A software is also known as a computer software, and it is a part of the system of the computers that is consist of computer instructions and encoded information that are processed and developed with the help of the computer system, data and programs, and it includes libraries, computer programs, and digital media or online documentation which are recognized as a related non-executable data. Software products are basically in contrast with the hardware products, and some of the types of software are system software such as device drivers, malwares or malicious software, utilities and operating system; application software; desktop application such as web browsers, Microsoft Office and smartphone and tablet applications; javascript; server software or web applications; plugins; microcode; embedded software and programming tools. Software developers are also known as coders, hackers, software engineers, or programmers, and their functions and services that they could offer to their clients and customers includes documenting, testing, bug fixing, computer programming, writing and maintaining the source code, research, new development of software products, prototyping, modification, re-engineering, reuse, maintenance and many more. A web integrator is a person who acts as the mediator between the client and the company that produced software products and they act as partners to both in a way that they provide guarantee to the client that the software developers can comply with their desired wants and agreed specification on the software product. Some other services offered by a web integrator is to act as the external specialist, solution operator or hosting services, software and hardware systems development team, suppliers of external data, client’s IT department and system integrators, coordinates with the work of the web integration projects, client’s internal system manager, client’s marketing department and Pr or advertising agent of the clients. There are a lot of good and efficient web integrators and software product developers that can be found all over the globe and the people who aims to find the best one in their local area can look for them and get their contact details via the internet.

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